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Deadly Premonition coming to the US for PS3?

Deadly Premonition is an Xbox 360 exclusive in the US, but it seems that may not be for long. Appearing on the US Ignition website, Deadly Premonition is listed as an Xbox 360 and PS3 title. The publisher released just an Xbox 360 version in February of 2010, but this new listing may hint at a future release on the PS3.

Currently, the title is only available on PS3 in Japan. Perhaps this new listing is for an upcoming announcement of Deadly Premonition on the Playstation Store. Seeing as how Xbox Live is getting the game as a digital download, it would be nice to see that on the PS3 as well. But it would be hard for the publisher to conceal a localized PS3 port for this long. So, this is either something for the future, a well kept secret, or a plain mistake on the publishers part.

I’ll reach out to Ignition for clarification.


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