Dead Space Remake Shows Off Expanded Areas, New Mechanics

As the clock ticks ever closer to the release of Dead Space Remake early next year, we’re starting to get a bounty of new footage and information. Today EA Motive released an “Extended Gameplay Walkthrough” made up of gameplay taken from throughout Chapter 3: Course Correction, and it’s a real treat with some surprises I genuinely wasn’t expecting. Check it out:

YouTube video

To start with, seeing how the developers behind Dead Space Remake have expanded on what was already there is thrilling to me, such as showcasing a now massive hangar (not that the original was small, but this does kinda make it feel small in comparison). The all-new extended area that expands beyond the force field (or whatever it’s called) into the vacuum of space is a welcome addition, taking full use of Isaac’s retrofitted Zero-G boosters. Even more exciting is seeing how this new area appears to now connect back to the original locations with what might be a tease at even more new areas. After skipping ahead, we get a first look at a completely unexpected new mechanic: diverting power and having to choose which system to switch off. Between turning off the atmosphere, which means you’ll have to run on limited oxygen on your way back through this location (thus giving yourself a pretty strict time limit if you don’t have additional air canisters), or turning off power and having to trek through near-pitch darkness with nothing but your weapon-mounted flashlight to guide your way, it’s a really fun addition to the original gameplay loop that I hope appears more than once in Dead Space Remake.

Aside from all that we do get more Isaac vs Necormorph action, as well as a first look at how the video-calls with Kendra will work now (with her and Isaac actually conversing back and forth). There was also a Dead Space Anniversary stream (today is the game’s 14th anniversary) which, while not including any new footage, has some members of the team going over the new additions. I’m overjoyed to see all of these new additions and tweaks coming, and can’t wait to play Dead Space Remake myself when it launches across Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 5, and PC January 27th, 2023.

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