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Dead Space 3 revealed? Here we go again

Just after the whole Resident Evil 6-at-TGS drama, comes a possible hint that Dead Space 3 is soon to be revealed.

Israeli news show The Headlines recently visited EA’s Visceral Games. During that visit, possible hints and teasing toward Dead Space 3 were given. Concept art, in-game models, and a logo were spotted in the Redwood Shores office that birthed Necromorophs and puss spewing breasts.

Seeing as how the very office that created Dead Space had these teasers thrown around, some credibility to this rumor exists. Perhaps this is very early teaser marketing, and the official Dead Space 3 reveal is not too far away. What this does is cause some hype for the game. But for now, sit back calmly; We all just suffered from some sadness last week. Let’s keep our hopes low for the time being.


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