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Gamescom 2012: Dead Space 3 arriving February 5th

EA has announced that Dead Space 3 will be hitting stores on February 5th (Feb 8th in Europe). With this announcement also comes information on the game’s Limited Edition. Buyers of this edition can expect first dibs to two DLC packs: First Contact and Witness the Truth. Both packs come with a special costume and weapon. The press release also makes mention of the weapon’s ability to assist players in discovering the millions of weapon permutations available through Dead Space 3‘s weapon crafting system. Millions, you say?

Nothing else was revealed to be in the Limited Edition release of Dead Space 3; I expect we will hear more about that at a later date.

An announcement wasn’t the only thing shown at gamecom. Today an intense trailer was revealed as well. In it scenes of the Necromorph outbreak, Isaac still being crazy (yes!), The Hunter from Dead Space 1 making a return, Carver yelling at stuff, and a clear influence from Battlefield 3’s trailers can be witnessed (BWOM).

All in all, this trailer has increased my anticipation for the game 10-fold.  Seeing Isaac’s mental state still being fractured has given me hope that we’ll continue to have psychological scares in this new entry–which is great news!

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