Dead Space 2 now available digitally on the PlayStation Store

Okay, this may not be the Dead Space news fans may be waiting for, but it’s still news nonetheless. And plus, there’s still some gamers out there who have yet to experience Dead Space 2 (come on guys, seriously?). Well, now they have the chance to do so in a convenient manner, or a lazy one if you think about it.

The latest PlayStation Store update has spawned a digital version of Dead Space 2 for the price of $29.99. And if you’re a PlayStation Plus member you’ll be able to download a full game trial version. Despite what people may think about the whole digital versus physical copy debate, I think it’s quite nice that Dead Space 2 is being brought out again, now in a digital format. The game came out all way back in the beginning of the year, meaning that despite its awesomeness, it’s most likely going to get lost in the shuffle amidst all the other triple A games that have come out since– especially in this very busy season we’re in. I’ll tell you one thing, though, Dead Space 2’s sure going to be one of our nominees for our annual horror game of the year award next month.


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