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Dead Rising 3 story trailer released

Now, I may not be getting an Xbox One anytime soon, but if I were, Dead Rising 3 would definitely be the game to get. Many of us were concerned when we heard that Capcom was once again pursuing the Call of Duty audience, but since then many demos and previews have shown that the game hasn’t lost its signature charm. As for the story? Well, I’m actually guilty of being interested in what has happened in the series. The Dead Rising series won’t win any awards for its narrative or be compared to Citizen Kane, but it has always (minus Case West) been fun to watch unfold.

The story trailer for Dead Rising 3 has been released by Capcom Vancouver, in it we find our main man Nick racing against the clock in a city about to be destroyed. Not only having to endure a bunch of psychopaths, it appears that Nick will also be infected, taking a page from Off The Record and maybe requiring players to search for Zombrex throughout the game. Talk of a cure can also be heard, suggesting that Nick will learn of what Frank and Chuck discovered in the Phenotrans Facility. The formula looks very similar to previous games, but that has always worked for me.

I’m a bit sad to be skipping out on this game, but oh well. We shall see if it will remain exclusive forever.

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