Dead Rising 2: Cheats - Rely on Horror

Dead Rising 2: Cheats

Here’s a nice list of useful cheats to pull off in Dead Rising 2, which will definitely make traversing through the zombie infested Fortune City easier. You can find an excerpt below:

Cheat: Earn PP Quickly

You will find a “Fortune City Maintenance” door to the right of the entrance to Atlantica Casino in Fortune Park. Just outside of it, you will see the “Hunk of Meat” and “Dynamite” items lying on the ground. Pick both of them up and then head inside the small maintenance room and combine them.

The Dynameat is a time bomb that will lure nearby zombies. If you use it on a large group of zombies at close proximity to each other, than you can quickly earn PP in Dead Rising 2. The “Hunk of Meat” and “Dynamite” items will respawn if you exit and re-enter Fortune Park.

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