Dead Rising 2 Case Zero sells well - Rely on Horror

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero sells well

Dead Rising 2’s prequel , titled Case Zero, has been out for almost a week now. And already, according to GamerBytes, the download only (360 exclusive) title has made it to 328,290 users’ hard-drives. That’s quite impressive considering the time that the game has been out for. The price also lend a helping hand to this, seeing as how 5 dollars a download is a friendly digital price tag, considering what you’re getting here and the ability to transfer experience to the main game.

This could potentially be a new market example of how to release, and format, digital content promoting a major release. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of publishers start to go this route and the future. Imagine Capcom doing something similar for Resident Evil 6? Yes please, as long as it’s back to classic style that is!


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