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Dead Island survey asks for fan feedback, the internet does not disappoint

The creators of Dead Island have gone to Facebook to ask the community what they thought of their game. As many should know, this was a bad idea. Facebook fans for anything can be total assholes, and not to dissapoint, some fans have already voiced their dissapointed in Dead Island in the comments of that post.

Let’s look at some of the highlights:

“like you didn’t already know you released a seriously broken turd.”

“Game fucking sucked. “walk. whack. talk. walk whack. talk. whack.” If I wanted to do this much walking, talking, and whacking I’d indulge in filthier sexual habits! Take a few pages from Bethesda’s playbook and actually add depth to your game.”

“People still play that? Don’t even know where my copy is after chucking it to the “pile of doom”. Glitchy crap.”

But let’s look at the good thing about the survey. The developers clearly want to know their faults with the game, so why not fill out the survey and help them make a better game next time? Currently, the survey appears to be down, but I will be filling it out as soon as I can. I recently purchased Dead Island and have played a handful of hours, and yeah, it’s sorta disappointing and could use a lot of improvement, but I see potential. Hopefully we will see a much more polished sequel in the future.

Did I mention that filling out the survey also enters you in a contest to win a free PS3? Sounds worth it to me!


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