Dead Island Definitive Trailer screams praise... Citations Needed

Dead Island Definitive Trailer screams praise… Citations Needed


Although mum’s the word on Dead Island 2’s development as of late, the PR team behind the rerelease of the first DI certainly isn’t quiet about their updated ports. The launch trailer below takes us back to Banoi with some visual improvements to the three year old pair of games, although your mileage may vary if you’re a veteran. This is the same updated Chrome engine used in the franchise’s successor, Dying Light.

The oddest thing about said trailer though is the abundance of quotes praising the game without any citation to which outlet or personality has said them. In fact, if you google the specific phrases like “This is what next-gen graphics is all about“, you’ll just specifically get comments pointing out the lack of a credible source. The Dead Island Definitive Collection includes Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide as well as the bonus game, Retro Revenge. It is out now for PS4, XBOX ONE, and PC.

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