Dead By Daylight: New DLC Takes Us to the Old (Weird) West

Step once more into the Entities parlor, as a new DLC for Dead by Daylight drops today. Having backed off from licensed killers for the time being (the last one was The Demogorgon from Stranger Things), Behaviour Interactive’s latest “chapter” focuses on an original killer and their accompanying lore. Titled Chains of Hate, this new DLC features a new Killer (the Deadslinger, a name too amazing to be real), a new Survivor (Zarina Kassir), a new map (Dead Dawg Saloon) and six new perks (three Killer and three Survivor). I’m a big fan of the Weird West genre, and this is totally up my ally. Check out the trailer:

YouTube video

The new perks sound pretty insane on both parties — Dead by Daylight is probably going to need a few patches to balance this stuff honestly, but maybe I’m just an alarmist. The Killer’s new perks allow them to see generators when a survivor gets a good skill check and will continue to see that generator’s aura as long as it is still being worked on. If the survivor tries to play coy and counteract that by stop and go tactics on the gen, another Killer perk will see the gen taken hostage by the Entity until the perk ends. That said, the Survivor’s new perks all work as counters to these; one perk, for instance, allows the Survivor to effectively “booby trap” a generator to reveal its aura basically on command from a distance, and another one completely silences their cries of pain after being unhooked. It’s pretty nuts, but we’ll see how it plays out.

As the trailer says, this new DLC is available today across all versions of Dead by Daylight, although it seems to be rolling out slowly one at a time, although the Switch version is listed as “TBA”.

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