Dead by Daylight Loses Stranger Things, Content Will No Longer be Sold

While everyone has been hyped up like crazy for Dead by Daylight‘s latest inclusion, Pinhead (from Clive Barker’s legendary sexual horror masterpiece Hellraiser), there’s sadly a bit of depressing news. Dead by Daylight has lost (or defaulted on) its license agreement with Netflix, and the Stranger Things DLC will be removed from digital stores on November 17th. This means Nancy, Steve, and the Demogorgon will no longer be available for purchase after that date, although if you’ve already bought them, you’ll keep them for as long as Dead by Daylight exists. Unlike the characters, however, the Hawkins Labs map is being removed from the game entirely.

This marks this game’s first loss of content and is nothing short of tragic. To be fair, this is the risk of licensing agreements. We’ve seen other instances of this sort of thing, such as a massive amount of the radio music being patched out of Grand Theft Auto 4, and there are instances of entire games vanishing from digital storefronts as deals come to a close, like Transformers Devastation. Fans are already pleading with developer Behavior Interactive to reinstate the content, but there’s a strong chance the decision might be out of their hands.

Considering the wealth of licensed content (which at this point makes up more or less half of the game’s roster), it’s worrisome that this could happen to any, or even worse all, of it. Hopefully, this doesn’t become a regular occurrence.

In the meantime, all of the Stranger Things content will be available for 50% off until they’re removed, so if you’ve had your eye on Hawkins’ best, now’s the time.

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