Dead by Daylight Buffs Pyramid Head’s Ass (Game Still in Shambles)

Back when the Silent Hill Chapter DLC for Dead by Daylight released, fans the world over celebrated the thiccness of the town’s Executioner. Pyramid Head brought some of the most serious spheres the game had to show yet, and it broke fans hearts when the plumpness appeared to have been toned down via a follow-up patch. Dead by Daylight‘s developer, Behavior Interactive, insisted multiple times that the posterior was not inferior and that it was simply an illusion brought on by the outfit. Low and behold, it turns out there was a reason for the donk’s apparent lack of magnitude — a bug, and it has now been resolved. Behavior Interactive’s Marie Claude Bernard explains:

“I stand by my statement: Pyramid Head’s behind was never nerfed. That said, we recently found a bug on The Corrupted outfit. The cloth covering The Executioner had clipping issues which made his butt, well, completely flat. We fixed it and it will be pushed live in our next update on Tuesday.”

And with a mighty sigh of relief, the clamoring fanbase has been reward with the return of horror’s richest cake, and peace has been restored to the land.

Anyway, Dead by Daylight is still a technical dumpster fire, and bugs still run rampant, causing massive issues across the board that has left the game nigh-unplayable. Going into the comments of pretty much any tweet from Behavior you’ll find numerous clips of bugs anywhere from the bizarre to the legitimately game-breaking, or hackers tearing the game apart from within. Some bugs are annoying, while others have caused multiple maps to be completely disabled. One of the more recent bugs has caused a synch issue in certain areas on a few maps, which is always fun. Of course, the usual issues like the games just desynching midway through (or waiting upwards of 10 minutes for a match to form only for it to come apart as you load into the map). Behavior has also updated the post-game screen to no longer show the ranks of each player, which many fans are accusing the change of being a way to hide the game’s seemingly broken skill-based matchmaking.

So glad they fixed Triangle Man’s ass though.

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