PlayStation 4 Exclusive Days Gone Has Been Delayed to 2019

Days Gone

One of Sony’s biggest exclusive games, Days Gone, was initially scheduled for release sometime in 2018, but it has this week sneakily moved into 2019. Considering the news, I guess the game has the correct title.

Release date delays aren’t something developers or publishers want to sing from the rooftops, but they usually make some sort of announcement in order to inform their audience. This wasn’t the case for Days Gone. The delay ‘announcement’ was someone changing the release date on the official website for the game. That is pretty sly. An official statement has yet to be released by Sony or the developers, so the reason behind this delay is completely unknown. Nor do we know how long of a delay this is. Sony President Shuhei Yoshida stated back in December 2017 that the game was currently playable from start to finish in its current state. and all that is left is fine tuning and polishing to improve the overall quality of the game. It will be interesting to find out what caused such a massive delay in such a short period of time for a game that was apparently completely playable.

Days Gone was announced at E3 2016 during Sony’s conference, with a gameplay walkthrough shown at E3 2017. The game is a zombie survival title with a large emphasis on the dynamic zombie horde and how they can affect a player’s choice moment to moment. Oh, and there are motorcycles.

YouTube video

Days Gone will be released on PlayStation 4 at some point in 2019.


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