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Dark Escape 4D is amazingly excessive

Namco Bandai has raised the bar for arcade shooters. Recently announced by the company was Dark Escape 4D–a House of The Dead-esque on-rails shooter that immerse players by interacting with their multiple senses.

How does Namco Bandia hope to achieve a 4D experience? Well, Dark Escape will put two players into a specialized booth made for the game that includes wind machines, 5.1 surround sound, and vibrating seats, along with a 3D screen and a heart rate monitor attached to the game’s controller; players will be fully immersed in the game whether they’re comfortable with that or not. Sadly smell is not included.

Dark Escape 4D is said to cater the game to the player’s heart rates in order to personalize the scares. Panic attacks being used as a point system for who’s bravest. The environmental features in the arcade booth will also aid in the fear of the players. I don’t know what Namco was thinking, but this game looks hilarious. I would love to try it out. Hear that, Namco? Send over a review unit.

Dark Escape 4D is said to be coming to North American arcades (those still exists without sucking?) by the end of this year. Hopefully I stumble upon one before it gets all nasty from too many people playing it. I guess the smell component will be a feature that needs to be added by players.

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