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Dammit, Capcom DID Almost Make Resident Evil Amiibos

C’mon man. I was so hopeful.

So apparently Capcom did almost make Resident Evil Amiibo figures. It was one of the things I was really hopeful for with the release of Resident Evil: Revelations 1 and 2 on the Nintendo Switch, especially since both games support minor Amiibo functions (emphasis on “minor” though). While I had been hoping for Jill, Claire, Barry, and maybe even one that was like, a green herb or something, Capcom had oddly been planning on figures based on HUNK (okay, cool, HUNK is the poster boy for bonuses in this series after all) and… Lady HUNK. Uh. At least it’s still a better name than Linkle, but I’m pretty sure nobody was really pining for more Lady HUNK. It was apparently due to the character’s recognizably with Raid Mode, but considering that you can play as well over a dozen different characters in Raid Mode… I don’t know, I’m just a little surprised is all. Either way, it didn’t end up materializing, and apparently the reasons aren’t even that clear. From Nintendo Everything, quoting an interview Famitsu conducted with Ryota Niitsuma:

Niizuma only said that “various circumstances” caused Capcom to pull the plug. However, original Resident Evil Revelations director Koushi Nakanishi did indicate that he still has some interest in making the amiibo, so maybe it’s something that could be revisited in the future.

Well, here’s hoping this isn’t the last we hear of RE Amiibos. There’s a very strong chance Resident Evil 7 could be coming to the Switch, and if we know anything about Capcom, Resident Evil 4-6 is probably on the way faster than we can imagine. I uh… might deficate my pantaloons at the thought of an RE4 era Leon Amiibo. Double that if they make them look like the in-game Bottle Cap figures. Oh my god can you imagine RE4 amiibos designed to look like the Bottle Cap figures? I need to go somewhere and calm down.


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