Cosplayer Accuses Resident Evil Series Marketing of Using Her Likeness

In amongst all the Resident Evil 8 stuff, I’m sure you’ve also heard about Resident Evil: Into Darkness — an all-new animated series starring Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. While fan opinions have been mixed (both excited for the reuniting of the characters, but skeptical of the potential plot and iffy animation in the trailer), the reaction was generally pretty positive. Just after the reveal though, someone noticed something a bit off with the series’ debut poster, and if they’re correct it could spell a major problem.

Chinese cosplayer @rissoft344 accused Netflix earlier today of having copied both her face and her pose from a Claire Redfield cosplay photo she took sometime last year for the Resident Evil series’ main marketing artwork. and even made a short clip of her dragging a partially transparent version of the Netflix photo over top of her own. The initial fan reaction to her comparison has been overwhelmingly in her favor (although that reaction is evening out now), suggesting that she pursue legal action against the company. This happens somewhat frequently; you may recall Ellen Page accusing Naughty Dog of using her likeness in early marketing for The Last of Us, and Lindsay Lohan pursued legal action against Rockstar for a piece of art in Grand Theft Auto 5 for years.

At the moment, no action has been made one way or the other by rissoft besides the accusation. You can be the judge of whether or not you agree with her claim yourself, we’re not taking a side in this. We’ll keep you updated if anything more happens with this story, although it’s hard to tell if she’s actually upset by this or not either based on the mix of emojis here (if that can be used as a barometer of tonal intent). Nothing may come of it at all..

In the meantime, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is set to release some time next year exclusively on Netflix.


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