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Conan O’Brien is the Latest Celebrity Cameo for Death Stranding

It appears Hideo Kojima and his team at Kojima Productions are all on Team Coco. The late-night host has revealed that he’s making a cameo in Kojima Productions’ upcoming weird-survival-adventure-strand genre game, Death Stranding.

Conan O’Brien visited the Kojima Productions’ office in Tokyo some months ago, entering its futuristic white halls to meet Hideo Kojima. In addition to checking out Kojima’s toy collection and clothes rack, O’Brien was scanned into the Death Stranding. He will appear as a “The Wondering MC,” offering players a special “Sea Otter Suit” — an NPC that wears an otter hat that bestows improved swimming skills (such as Norman Reedus being able to float on his back while playing with a rock in the water). This is all real.

Regardless of whether or not Death Stranding ends up being a good game to play, it will no doubt be a memorable one. As Venture Beat’s Jeff Grubb noted, the modding community alone will ensure that this game has a long, weird life (especially if a PC version comes to fruition).

Death Stranding releases on November 8, 2019, worldwide for PlayStation 4.

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