Co-Op Sci-Fi Shooter ‘RIPOUT’ Takes on Genetically Engineered Monstrosities

RIPOUTPet Project Games and 3D Realms are bringing RIPOUT, a co-op sci-fi horror shooter to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox in 2023.

Set in a future where a bioweapon developed to save humanity from extraterrestrial invaders turns on its creators, it’s up to you, your trusty multipurpose PetGun, and up to two friends to take on this genetically engineered menace to save mankind from its own creations.

RIPOUTRIPOUT is a marriage of The Fly, The Thing, and Doom 3, a trifecta of slow-paced body horror and inhuman threats. As one of Earth’s few surviving soldiers, you’ll explore procedurally generated levels to find the key to saving mankind and escape with your limbs intact.

Using your PetGun and other living weapons, you’ll take on the Cell, relentless monstrosities with only one directive—to kill. Be careful, though, as every enemy you encounter can use RIPOUT’s variety of living weapons against you, assimilating them to become even bigger threats.

RIPOUTGoran Rajsic, lead game designer at Pet Project Games, said:

We’re excited to be able to show players how we’ve been finessing and improving on Ripout ahead of its 2023 release. From day one our goal has been to offer up a fresh twist on the action horror genre. Epic Games could see that when we received an Epic Megagrant and we think the elements of procedural generation, co-op multiplayer, and our awesome biotech weapons deliver an innovative experience that does indeed set Ripout apart from the crowd.

Key Features:

  • Procedurally generated levels: Ripout is a sci-fi procedurally-generated shooter, enabling players to undertake missions that will never be the same.

  • Variety of different missions, monsters, and objectives: Every mission will offer various objectives to cater to players with different playstyles. Mutants can reconfigure their bodies and assimilate other monsters to become a constantly evolving threat.

  • Scalable co-op multiplayer: Featuring intense co-op gameplay, Ripout offers scalable difficulty to ensure teams always have a fun yet challenging experience.

  • Sentient weapon companions: Players have their LPWs by their side at all times. They can use them as a weapon to shoot mutants or unleash them to feast on enemies and even harness some of their biotech powers.

  • A cozy hub ship: Players can take a break between patrols in their cruiser hub. Hang out with your friends, play some arcade mini-games from the 80s, and customize your loadout, ready for another randomly generated mission.


RIPOUT will be released for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox in 2023. You can wishlist it on Steam here.

Be sure to check out the Official New Features Trailer below.

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