Cliff Bleszinski to Capcom - "We can fix Resident Evil. Together." - Rely on Horror

Cliff Bleszinski to Capcom – “We can fix Resident Evil. Together.”

Through his Twitter account, Cliff Bleszinski called out to Capcom, “Hey Capcom.  Call me.  We can fix Resident Evil.  Together.”

Since his recent departure from Epic Games after a 20 year stint with the company, Bleszinski has visited the offices of Activision, Zynga, Double Fine and Electronic Arts.  Citing a much needed break, it’s unclear where the man behind games like Gears of War will be headed next.  Could that next stint of his career be with Capcom?

Judging by some of the games Bleszinski has put his name to (not that there’s anything wrong with any of those games), it’s clear that he would be better attuned to perfecting where the series is headed, not where the series has been.  In other words, he could make Resident Evil a better action game.  The man knows how to make a good action game is what I’m trying to get at here.


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