Classic JRPG Mad Father available on Steam and Playism


Mad Father has been out since 2012 as freeware created by Japanese developer Sen using the WOLF RPG editor. It gained traction and became a hit in Japan, sparking a new PC release, but this isn’t just a port with a price tag slapped on it. It’s a full re-release with several updates and improvements, including redrawn art, new events and dialogue, new music, and improved map tiles. Overall playability has been improved as well, with question mark bubbles denoting events and items glittering to make them easier to spot.

The story follows young Aya, who lives in an isolated mansion with her father and his assistant Maria. On the anniversary of her mother’s death, Aya’s dreams of her past are shattered as she awakens to find herself surrounded by corpses and horrific monsters. She’s done her best to ignore her father’s “research,” but that’s going to be a little hard to do with it now wandering the halls of her home. Grab Mad Father at 10% off right now on Steam or Playism, and check out the trailer below.

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