Chucky Comes to Dead By Daylight

Chucky Dead by Daylight

At the start of the summer, Dead by Daylight developers Behaviour Interactive promised players two ‘Big L’ licenses that would come over the next few months. The first, Alien, released in late August. Now, we know the identity of our second ‘Big L’; Chucky.

The Chucky chapter features only a killer, meaning there’s no pesky new survivor to stand in Chucky’s way. The psychotic doll will be voiced by Chucky actor and legend of the silver screen Brad Dourif and promises to be as foul-mouthed as ever.

Players will be able to customize their little Killer through a series of terrifying outfits fit for only the most notorious of serial killers. Additionally, a Tiffany Valentine skin will be available, with the incredible Jennifer Tilly also lending her voice to Tiffany.

The character’s small stature proved a problem in many fans’ minds when the prospect of him coming to the game came up. However, for Behaviour, his size turned out to be a fun challenge.

Matthieu Côté, Head of Partnerships at Behaviour, had this to say:

It’s a character that I never thought we could bring into The Fog because of his size,” Côté commented. The team has outdone itself to prove me wrong. Players are in for a treat – Chucky in Dead by Daylight really is the unmissable multiplayer horror gaming experience.

Chucky’s moveset appears to reference the entire franchise and makes his height an advantage. His Slice and Dice ability lets him lunge at survivors, whilst his Scamper ability allows Chucky to slide under pallets and leap over windows. The chapter will also come with three new perks.

The original Good Guy himself is set to arrive to the game for all platforms on November 28th. In the meantime, a PTB (Public Test Build) will be available for PC players to try out the new killer.

In the meantime, you can watch the official announcement trailer below.

YouTube video

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