Chernobylite Update Season 2: Red Trees Goes Live

Screenshot from the Chernobylite Season 2 Red Trees DLC showing someone appraoching the player in a green glowing world.

Despite the fact that it’s a pretty creepy horror game, The Farm 51’s Chernobylite has some of the most gorgeous graphics of this generation. With its 3D-scanned visuals for that extra air of authenticity, the team has done a magnificent job in bringing the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone to digital form. And a new update has just been announced which should be rolling out as of now.

Called Season 2: Red Trees, this new DLC brings an “ominous” new look to the game, with additional skins, giving a rusty leaves look and red glow vibe about the place. There’s also some other content, including a new story mission called Ghost of the Past, whereby “Tatyana manifests in Igor’s dreams and encourages him to visit various places in the Chernobyl Zone and learn the true history of Chernobyl.”

Image from Chernobylite showing the titular Chernobylite growing on a wooden building.

Like all good updates, this one comes with a number of fixes and optimizations for the game, such as the stuttering optimization, as well as some “other minor improvements.” An official trailer shows what’s featured with the DLC, which, according to the video, also includes the recent Chernobylite next-gen visual upgrades, so that’s an added extra bonus.

To be honest, the studio has been dropping some fairly frequent hints for some time. We wanted to make mention of them earlier, but there was not a lot to go on, save for some spliced images asking fans to guess which was the photo and which was from the game. It’s trickier than it sounds. The Farm 51 really did a magnificent job of bringing ultra-realistic visuals to Chernobylite.

You can check out the Season 2: Red Trees trailer below, and you can download the DLC from the Steam page here.

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