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Check Out Telltale’s Cancelled Stranger Things Game

Along with the cancelation of things like The Walking Dead: The Final Season, everything else Telltale had been working on went out the window as well with the studio closure. While the real shame here is the loss of jobs (and severance) for hundreds of dedicated developers, it’s also pretty sad to see how great their unfinished work was shaping up to be. Since there’s “pretty much no consequences” for posting internal work (as ex-employee Shaun Finney put it when sharing some hilarious behind the¬†scenes animation), lots of Telltale work in development stuff has popped up online. One that relates to what we talk about here, is their Stranger Things game, which was in early development.

It’s actually pretty rough seeing this footage, as it so clearly shows how far Telltale could have gone after finally swapping out from their ancient Telltale Tool engine into Unity. This footage honestly looks gorgeous compared to past releases, most notably the lighting and atmospheric effects. The designs themselves are a little… unnerving, but again, this was early work. You can also check out their concept art below.

What could have been.¬†Hopefully Telltale will serve as a sobering moment for the industry to not treat the people who actually make the games like dirt and pay them what they’re owed while working less insane hours. Not that the gaming industry ever seems to learn anything.


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