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CEO of Ubisoft claims ZombiU was not profitable

ZombiU_LOGO recently posted an article where they asked third-party developers about their opinion on the Wii U and whether or not they had plans for it. Yves Guillemot, chairman and CEO of Ubisoft, revealed that he himself was disappointed, and that ZombiU, the survival-horror launch-title of the system, did not make a profit.

I both played and reviewed ZombiU and found that it had kind of a lackluster story mode, but some awesome concepts, so I had assumed the game would do well. “Not even close,” Yves explained “As such, there are no plans (or even desire) for a sequel.” Furthermore, the poor performance of the game was the reason for why Rayman Legends suddenly went multiplatform. Now, that’s some pretty sad news to start off the week, especially because it was previously rumored that a prototype was being developed.

Other developers that spoke out in the article were Electronic Arts and Activision, both of which boasted about how much effort they put into helping the system at launch. For EA, that means 3 sports games and Mass Effect 3 (not even the entire trilogy box set), while Activison graciously provided a handful of mediocre titles, which my local retailer didn’t even bother to stock. The article is still interesting to read, but I would have preferred it if they involved more publishers and indie developers in it.


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