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Capcom: Devil May Cry V Set After Infamous DMC2 (Update: DmC Canon Status)

Fans have long awaited the day to see how Capcom would acknowledge Devil May Cry 2, the notoriously “meh” Devil May Cry sequel that took place farthest in the series’ timeline. After its release, each subsequent DMC game was either a prequel or a sequel to a prequel, with DMC2‘s events never addressed again. Thanks to an interview from French gaming site ActuaGaming, hell has frozen over. We finally have an answer.

In their Gamescom coverage, ActuaGaming stated that Capcom confirmed with them that the Upcoming Devil May Cry V will take place after the events of the second game. Fans took to Twitter to confirm this information and Devil May Cry V producer Matt Walker delivered. Devil May Cry V will officially take fans beyond the events of DMC2.

This information was long speculated as we’ve seen an older Dante ride (and wield) a motorcycle similar to the one he owned in the second game in DMCV promotional material. He’s also sporting a bit of a beard, something which he probably didn’t have time to take care of while trapped in hell.  With the release of DMCV, we’ll see what a world looks like post-Argosax and, maybe, have the game lineup with the post-credits scene in DMC2 where the sound of a motorcycle can be heard in the distance.

Update: According to a interview, it looks like we can also confirm that DmC is 100% a non-canon entry set in a different universe. This was expected, but it’s nice to know. Although, if the translation is literal as in that Dante and such being in an alternate “universe,” who knows, we might at least get references to them.

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