Gamescom 2018: DMC5 Trailer Shows Off Dante's BikeSaws, Releases March 8th - Rely on Horror

Gamescom 2018: DMC5 Trailer Shows Off Dante’s BikeSaws, Releases March 8th

Holy shit this game looks fun.

Devil May Cry 5 is looking simply incredible. More of the DMC5 version of Nero slicing it up against the demon hordes with some kick-ass arm rocket surfing (eat your heart out, Venom Snake), combat against classic enemies like DMC1‘s Sin Scissors, and simply making that giant thing that eats cars from the E3 trailer your bitch.


And Dante has a motorcycle that splits into two giant buzzsaw things that he swings around like they weigh nothing. No big thang.

OH, and the release date has been officially given as March 8th of next year which is god damn soon.

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