Call of Cthulhu’s Slick New Website Has Risen

Call of Cthulhu official screenshot

The team behind Call of Cthulhu, a game I’ve been anticipating since I first laid eyes on it, has launched its official website. Rejoice!

The site doesn’t offer a ton of new information yet, but it’s nice to see everything laid out all prettily. It does hint at an upcoming devblog as well as including a forum where new information will presumably be discussed. There’s confirmation that the game will be releasing on PC, PS4, and Xbox One—and that it will be purely investigative with no combat. If you want to keep up with this promising installment of the Cthulhu Mythos, the site also has a newsletter and plenty of social links.

The opening of a full website is a good portent of things to come. With E3 around the corner, we could see more being added to the site very soon. Keep an eye on that “to be announced” box on the top right because, according to the devs on Twitter, that’s the release date placeholder. Now, go forth and revel!

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