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Build Your Apocalypse Team in Outbreak

Survival horror rarely gets a new truly multiplayer title. When one does appear, it is usually ripped to shreds by the community as straying too far from the genre. This winter, Outbreak plans to change that.

Outbreak is an upcoming survival horror game with both solo and cooperative modes, allowing up to four players to join in the fun. There are limited supplies and even less inventory space, forcing players to make careful resource decisions. There is also an endless horde roaming the decimated city, waiting to destroy any survivors they can find. The game will have three difficulty levels, ranging from normal to brutal, with combat and controls reminiscent of older survival horror games.

Outbreak sailed through Steam Greenlight, and will be available sometime this winter on Early Access. The developers want to encourage community discussion and feedback. This will help them tweak the game and avoid the issues other co-op survival horror titles have faced. The team wants to build a solid survival horror game that also happens to be multiplayer, not a cooperative game with a handful of horror themes. Interested players can join the discussion on Steam and keep their eye on the project’s website.

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