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Bloodlines 2 Demo Coming to PDXCON 2019 in Berlin

While we’ve still only seen a few seconds of gameplay from VTM: Bloodlines 2 thus far (about 14 seconds total, actually), we were bound to see more eventually. Well, looks like that day is coming ahead of when I expected (E3), by way of a fully playable demo at PDXCON 2019 (a Paradox Interactive convention centered around all their games and whatnot) in Berlin!

Announced today via a new video, narrative lead Brian Mitsoda (lead writer on the original Bloodlines, remember) and Lead UI/UX designer Rachel Leiker explain the sitch:

On top of this, I noticed something very fun musically while watching. We’ve gotten some tastes of returning composer Rik Schaffer‘s new score for Bloodlines 2, but in this video I’m pretty sure we hear a new, modern mix of a returning track! Who knows if it will be used the same way, but the opening and closing music in this video sounds like a remix of the original Bloodlines main menu theme. It’d be a great way to instantly feel transported back to the world of darkness, to open the game and be greeted by the original theme, reborn. It gives me hope for more returning tracks (I’m still holding out hope for a return of Chiasm’s Isolated, the music that plays in the Asylum nightclub). Anyway, if you’re looking to attend PDX and play this demo, you can grab tickets here. I have no doubt there will be some sort of public stream or otherwise reveal of gameplay before then (PDX is in October for crying out loud). Lucky attendees of the Bloodlines 2 reveal event got to see a behind closed doors demo a few months ago, which fans are eager to see for themselves.

Vampire – The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 releases Q1 2020 across PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/GOG/etc), PS4, and XBO. Look forward to more information as it becomes available!

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