Bloodborne PSX Demake Now Available


For the last thirteen months, Lilith Walther, who goes by the alias @b0tster, has been working hard on turning Bloodborne into a PS1-style “demake,” which sees the 2015 horror-action-RPG in a new, retro light, that reimagines what the game would look like had it come out in the mid-90s. Now, the fan project is finally out and available to download for free from her page.

What should be stated at this point is that Bloodborne PSX is not a complete demake of the original game, but instead represents the first few hours. That said, it still looks like the bees-knees, and it really does look like a game that could’ve been released during the PlayStation 1 era. In fact, at a cursory glance, it almost looks like Nightmare Creatures, which was originally released in 1997 and was undoubtedly an inspiration for FromSoftware’s game.

One of the most interesting things about this project is that Walther implemented gamepad controls, as well as PC controls, which should please those who love the original Bloodborne but are maybe less accustomed to using a mouse and keyboard.

Walther has also been on the case when it comes to fixing bugs. A recent issue made it so that some enemies don’t drop items when killed, specifically towards the end. In a tweet posted earlier today, she assured people that a patch is on the way. It shows just how useful feedback can be.

You can download Bloodborne PSX from the download page here. There’s also a release trailer, which you can check out below.

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