PAX West 2017: Nightmare Creatures Reboot Announced

Nightmare Creatures

The late 90s horror series Nightmare Creatures is getting a revival.

At the PAX West panel titled “Reboot! Bringing Back Older Game Genres and IPs” Albino Moose — developer of the popular free horror game Spooky’s House of Jump Scares: HD Renovation — has announced a new Nightmare Creatures. This entry is set before and after the events of the first game.

The reboot came about when Spooky’s creator Sheena Perez decided one morning as a fan of the series to check in with her lawyer to see where the IP was. Her lawyer discovered that it wasn’t in Activision’s possession and most importantly, was free for grabs.

The original Nightmare Creatures released in 1997 and appeared on the PlayStation, PC and Nintendo 64 (and mobile) through its lifetime. The game is described as a gothic survival horror, where players have to face monstrosities created by a Satanic cult. The game received (mostly) decent scores at the time. It’s got all the markers of a cult classic.

Check out the trailer below. The new Nightmare Creatures is targeting release on current generation platforms and PC.

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