Blood franchise comes to Steam


The first-person shooter Blood and its sequel Blood 2: The Chosen are now available for purchase on Steam after having being available on Good Old Games for several years. This franchise started in 1997 and comes with all the expansion packs it has accumulated since.

For American audiences this Steam release is actually slightly cheaper, $4.99 per game, as opposed to GOG’s $5.99 per game and a $1,00 discount when you buy them in a bundle. Europe and the UK are still charged more due to Steam’s regional pricing, so for them GOG remains the best option. On a separate note: the steam release does not include manuals, soundtrack or the music video that the GOG version does.

It’s also important to remember that this is not a port, it’s the same game as 17 years ago that runs on a DOSbox emulator, so some users may experience issues because of that.


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