Bloober Team Wants to Aim For ‘Mass-Market’ Horror

Silent Hill 2 remake: James Sunderland about to hit an enemy with a stick,

Over the years, Bloober Team has garnered something of a reputation in the indie horror world. Releases such as Layers of Fear and The Medium have cemented the Polish studio as a solid force in the genre, though some fans do have their criticisms. However, the developer is now interested in moving towards more mainstream projects.

That’s according to a recent interview with Endgadget. Speaking to the publication, the studio’s co-founder Piotr Babieno said they are now looking to move into what he refers to as “Bloober Team 3.0.” This essentially means the developer will be looking to make more “mass-market horror” going forward.

Given that the team is known for slow-paced horror that often puts emphasis on story rather than action, this shift effectively means Babieno is “closing the era of making psychological horror games.” He goes on to say that future projects will still have the Bloober Team DNA, but ideas will be delivered through more action rather than environment or storytelling.

Cryptic image from Bloober Team showing a torn painting.

This seems to have come into effect during the development of the Silent Hill 2 remake. While the game itself will likely still have that psychological edge that made the original 2001 release so special, Bloober’s take on the iconic game seems to represent this new phase for the studio. After this, we can only begin to imagine what the team has in store.

Whatever your thoughts about the company, it’s hard to deny that Bloober Team has left an impression on horror gaming, especially when it comes to the indie scene. From this point on, it seems as though the studio will be gunning for the mainstream, so it looks like the recent Layers of Fear was the developer’s last hoorah in more story driven psychological terror.

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