Blackwell, a free-to-play experience this holiday season

Still raving on all the free goodies that came in your stocking this Christmas? Well a group of Danish students have another surprise for players, and its free-to-play on the Mac and PC.

Blackwell is a game created by BlackPipe studios. The game takes place in 1887, and is inspired by the story of woman journalist Nellie Bly, who faked mental insanity in order to report the brutalities of the Woman’s Lunatic Asylum on Blackwell Island. The protagonist is a woman under heavy influence by narcotics, which make things difficult as you hallucinate twisting hallways, and deal with tunnel vision, temporary blindness, and extreme dizziness, according to Bloody Disgusting.

If this game sounds like your cup of tea, then go ahead and check it out here.

Here are some screenshots if you still aren’t convinced.




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