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Black Mesa Devs Reveal Reimagined Xen

Indie developer Crowbar Collective of Black Mesa have released the first and long anticipated look at their reimagined version of Half-Life‘s alien world, Xen. Despite releasing on Steam Early Access May 2015, the Half-Life community gets its first look this week at Black Mesa’s Xen with a sole screenshot, from the yet to be released portion of the fan (butĀ Valve approved) remake of Half-Life.

The team says that their version of Xen will “push the boundaries and explore this unique and varied setting; to build an experience that feels both fresh and familiar to players from all walks of Half-Life veterancy.” Their focus is also on making sure it doesn’t only look nice, but plays well with the game’s mechanics.

Was it worth the wait? If you’re a fan of the project, I’m sure you’re used to it by now. Black Mesa has been in development for years by a team of revolving fans working on it in their free time. Valve gave the core team some support to get it on Steam, and since it’s looked better than ever. Maybe I should finally pick it up while the Steam Winter sale is on.


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