Big Robot Studios Promises The Light Keeps Us Safe - Rely on Horror

Big Robot Studios Promises The Light Keeps Us Safe

Big Robot assures us an experience of stealth and survival in their newest title The Light Keeps Us Safe. While running through an expansive field of foreboding figures, light and evasion are your only allies. One of the machines that hunt you is very reminiscent of the tripods from War of the Worlds, complete with a doom-bass siren. Seriously, the humming sound that these robots make will keep you awake at night. Running and hiding from hunter drones seems like a hand-sweat inducing time, especially with all the environmental challenges and randomized traps with each new playthrough. Beware the murderous swiveling eyes of the machines!

Your character carries a large portable flashlight -torch, in the Queen’s English- and utilizes a multi-varied light beam to illuminate secret paths, distract enemies, and disorient creatures. The game developer states that “the sky has gone out and the world is plunged into darkness…” So firstly, what happened to our planet’s atmosphere, and will these questions be answered? Are you human, or just another robot that’s evading capture? And if the world was plunged into perpetual darkness, are some places damned to permanent winter as well? Hopefully, the game answers such existential questions when it debuts on October 11, exclusively on STEAM.

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