Beware: Gen Urobuchi is going to ruin your emotions again - Rely on Horror

Beware: Gen Urobuchi is going to ruin your emotions again

Gen Urobuchi

Gen “The Butcher” Urobuchi is a name many in the visual novel and anime scenes will quickly recognize. He’s the kind of writer that, no matter what kind of genre he tackles, you always know exactly what to expect. Known for writing nihilistic, horrific, and just generally sad stories, Urobuchi is back once again as visual novel powerhouse Nitroplus has opened up a Twitter account for his latest project.

In terms of horror, Urobuchi’s name features prominently under the entire Madoka Magica series, as well as the cosmic horror gorefest that was Song of Saya, also published under Nitroplus. The Twitter account, titled “TBF_PR”, only features one post for now announcing the project and promising future updates.

Whether this project will turn out to be another venture into the world of horror remains a mystery for now, but anything with Urobuchi’s name under it is bound to be somewhat interesting at the very least.


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