Bethesda: DOOM Campaign Takes Around 13 Hours to Complete

Hype for the brand new DOOM game is in full swing now, with Bethesda having just recently released a new gameplay trailer and the release date (May 13). We’re now at that point where we’ll be slow fed information on the game until release, and one such tidbit that’s been dropped is the game’s approximate campaign length.

In a tweet to the official DOOM Twitter asking about campaign length, an official representative replied with the following, “The difficulty level plays a factor, but folks playing at the office average 13+ hours in the campaign”.

Fairly standard, but a bit on the heftier side. While most 10 hour games eventually get boiled down to 5 hour or less runs on repeat playthroughs, 13 hours sounds pretty good.

Now, as for what the hell the game is about? We’re going to have to wait. Because we all know that Campaign Trailer revealed nothing in terms of DOOM‘s story.

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