Become Father of the Fear in Woodland Horror Game 'S.O.N.'

Become Father of the Fear in Woodland Horror Game ‘S.O.N.’

I hadn’t heard of RedG Studios’ psychological horror game S.O.N. until today, but consider me sold.

Set in the “South of Nowhere” — the southernmost part of a 300,000 acre Pennsylvania forest, players assume the role of Robert Alderson, a father plagued with his own demons up until new ones enter his life and take his son Jay. The forest is infamously the location where hundreds of people disappeared in 2018, with only the bodies of two dozen children ever found. Robert may not be the best father, but when something takes his son into the forest, he does his dad duty and sets out to save him.

On February 22nd Roberts son Jay was taken right out of his home and deep into the terrifying forest. Robert will go after whoever..whatever took his son. A parents love for their child is deep, but does a parents love for their child conquer fear.. This is Roberts story.

The latest gameplay trailer for S.O.N. opens with the skulls of children on the ground and only gets weirder. There’s a wealth of striking imagery of unassuming creatures and sheet-covered figures throughout the two-minute trailer, which are strangely effective. No jump scares here, just a whole lot of weird. That’s just how I like it. I’m getting some The Ritual vibes as well.

S.O.N. releases on PlayStation 4 on December 11, 2018.

[Via PlayStation Lifestyle]

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