Asemblance Launching on PS4 and PC This Month - Rely on Horror

Asemblance Launching on PS4 and PC This Month


Asemblance is a psychological thriller that takes players inside of a machine meant to bring memories to life. You can’t escape until you go back and figure out what you need to learn from the memories, though they might be things you’d rather leave forgotten.

Inspired by television shows The X Files, Black Mirror, and The Twilight Zone, the game hopes to bring a creepy, non-linear storyline that keeps players guessing at what is real, and whether they can trust their own eyes. The game represents a break from routine for Nilo studio leader Niles Sankey, a ten-year Bungie veteran who helped bring to life blockbuster game Destiny. He founded Nilo in Seattle in 2015┬áso that he could work on games that were more personally fulfilling, and with only a year since they’ve opened the doors, the studio is putting the final polish on Asemblance before its release on PS4 and PC.

Sankey values his time at Bungie, but has been itching to branch out into a world beyond Halo. With the creation of Nilo and Asemblance, he has the opportunity to do just that. The game will be released episodically, with a fully realized, independent plot in each episode. Each story will tie in to the others in some fashion, but the episodes will not be part of a linear storyline released piecemeal to the players. The theme of the entire story will remain constant, while the individual stories will explore pieces of the narrative that help build an understanding of the character and his past. Sankey wants player to internalize the world around them, and to question how all of the pieces of the narrative fit together. To a point, he wants to unsettle players and create an immersive experience that makes you question everything. With the first episode less than a month away, we won’t have to wait long to see what he can accomplish to that end.

via Playstation Blog

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