Apparently RE0, REmake, and 4 are $30 Dollars on Switch and That’s Insanely Stupid

UPDATE: We initially believed that the price point was $40 due to the UK price of £29.99, which is $40 in USD, and have updated accordingly. Doesn’t make it any better though.

Uhhhh I love RE a lot but this is really stretching that for a trilogy of almost 20 year old games. According to the UK preorder pages on Nintendo Switch, all three games will be released for £29.99, and $30 in USD each. That’s uh, that’s insane. All three of these games are available on literally every other platform digitally for $20 each, this is a ridiculous price hike for reasons that are completely unexplained. You can’t just wave this away with the stupid “Nintendo Tax”, which applies only to physical releases — which RE4 at least won’t be getting. For reference, both Revelations games (which are significantly newer games) are $20 on the same system, the same price as they are everywhere else, and the physical retail version where they’re packed together (albeit Revelations 2 is a download) is $30. For two newer games. In comparison, if you buy RE4 and REmake together, that’s $60 total for two games from the GameCube. Hell, let’s put this in an even more galling perspective: Resident Evil 7 is $30 across all platforms. The game from two years ago is the same price as one of these games from three entire console generations ago. I feel even worse for our UK friends, where that £29.99 price point amounts to $40 in USD.

I love you to death, Capcom, but this is one of the stupidest things you’ve done in a long time, and I for one will be skipping these despite my initial excitement. Unless you drop the price to something more reasonable before release or explain that they’ve all received some sort of crazy new features and content to justify it, there’s no explaining this absolutely bone-headed move.


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