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AMY to be $15 for 10 hours of gameplay

In a sentimental post on the official AMY Facebook page, the team has announced that they are trying to get their game AMY to be $15 (9.99€) on Xbox Live and PSN. The game will be 10 hours long.  Sure the current limit on Xbox Live is $15 for Arcade titles, but more and more games with less to offer are being sold at that price. Call of Duty maps and other types of DLC sell for similar prices while providing a lot less content.

It’s great to see the developers of AMY provide a product that could stand at retail in terms of content. A ten hour game could easily sell for full price in stores, but we’re getting it for a quarterof that. AMY is currently a winner in my book by the way the game looks, and the developes passion to provide people with some fun scares. I can’t wait ’till it arrives.


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