Amnesia: The Bunker Coming in 2023, Will Be More Open-World

Image from Amnesia: The Bunker showing a fire in a dark tunnel.

Frictional Games has released a trailer for the next installment in the iconic Amnesia series. Called Amnesia: The Bunker, the short teaser gives a brief glimpse of what players can expect. It has that old familiarity that many of you have come to know, but the studio suggests this entry in the influential horror franchise will offer something a bit different.

Set in WW1 in a desolate bunker – hence the name – The Bunker has all the usual hallmarks of an Amnesia game, but Frictional is tweaking the formula this time. For one thing, it looks as though players will have a gun, and in fact, the Steam page says you begin with “only one bullet remaining in the barrel.” So it sounds as though you might be able to defend yourself in this entry, which is novel. The game is due for release March 2023.

As well as that, The Bunker will also feature “multiple solutions” to the puzzles, in what will be a non-linear and more open world story. Speaking to PC Gamer, creative lead Fredrik Olsson had this to say:

We know we can do story and narrative quite well, especially the more linear versions of it, but we want our players to be able to express themselves more in our games…In The Bunker we’re going all-in survival horror and we focus foremost on making it a really scary experience. To achieve this, we are experimenting with more systemic, dynamic, and emergent gameplay, and trying to give our players a higher sense of agency.

It’s pretty exciting stuff, especially for any Amnesia fans reading, and more so because many of us probably weren’t even aware Frictional was even working on a new game. Given the iconic status of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, as well as the mind-bending storyline of SOMA, the developer has gained a reputation for producing some top tier horror games.

True that A Machine for Pigs – which was developed by a different studio anyway – and Amnesia: Rebirth weren’t as well received, but no doubt many of you are looking forward to what’s coming next.

As always, we’ll keep you posted when we hear about any further details. For now, don’t forget to check out the official trailer for Amnesia: The Bunker below.

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