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Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs confirmed as next Frictional Games project

Well, it’s official now.  When Frictional Games linked a Google Maps search to Seattle’s Smith Tower, gamers were left to wonder what it meant.  Could the next game take place in Seattle?  What about the Google Maps link to China?  When it was uncovered that the the Google Maps search lead to a restaurant called The Chinese Room, it seemed almost too good to be true.  Fans instantly began tearing apart the website to find more clues on the collaboration between Frictional Games and Dear Esther developer thechineseroom.

thechineseroom’s website is still keeping mum on their game “gameB”
However here’s some concept art

Speaking exclusively with Joystiq, the two studios have revealed their latest, highly anticipated project – Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.

Dan Pinchbeck from thechineseroom – lead writer and designer on the project – explained to Joystiq that while the game takes place 60 years after The Dark Descent, the only connection between the two is that they take place in the same universe.  The characters are unconnected, the plot is unconnected, but the game tries to stay in spirit with the first Amnesia game.  We could someday see a series of Amnesia games – and that’s definitely something we’d like to see.

A Machine for Pigs will follow a wealthy industrialist Oswald Mandus.  Mandus has just returned from a rather disastrous trip from Mexico.  The expedition ended in tragedy, and Mandus has fallen very ill.  In his feverish nightmares, he sees a mysterious, dark machine.  Months have passed by the time Mandus awakes and as he does, the engine of the very same machine that had haunted his dreams roars to life.

While several elements of The Dark Descent have found their way into A Machine for Pigs, many things have been changed up.  The gameplay is designed so that even veterans of the series will be kept on their toes.  If there’s one thing that Frictional has done very well, it’s keep gamers out of their comfort zone.  It’s just the kind of game we like.

Grip revealed during the chat with Joystiq that several other developers, big and small had contacted Frictional to work out a collab for the next project.  One of those collabs would be to bring The Dark Descent to Xbox Live Arcade.  However Grip admitted that the team wouldn’t have the “time or willpower” to get it right on console.  That attitude might change in the future but for right now, it sounds like the Amnesia series is set to remain PC exclusive.

While no date has been confirmed as of yet, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs will be available for PC sometime this fall.  A Mac and Linux version will be available as well, if not at the same time, shortly after the release of the PC version.

As for the unusual title of the game Pinchbeck offered a line taken straight from the script.  Perhaps a little vague, but deeply disturbing.

This world is a machine fit only for pigs.  Fit for the slaughtering of pigs.”


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