Alone in the Dark Reboot Developer Pieces Interactive Closes Down

Alone in the Dark Developer Pieces Interactive Closes DownPieces Interactive, the developer behind the recent Alone in the Dark reboot, has been shut down by Embracer Group. The closure follows disappointing sales for the survival horror game, which was released in March 2024.

Pieces Interactive announced its closure with a message on its website, marking the end of its journey from 2007 to 2024. Embracer Group acquired the studio in 2017. They developed titles like Titan Quest: Ragnarök, Kill to Collect, Titan Quest: Atlantis, and Magicka 2.

Alone in the Dark Developer Pieces Interactive Closes DownEmbracer Group has been undergoing significant restructuring, leading to the shutdown of several studios, including Volition. The closure of Pieces Interactive adds to this list as Embracer continues to adjust its business strategy.

Alone in the Dark aimed to revive one of the first survival horror franchises, but it failed to meet commercial expectations. The game featured voice talents like Jodie Comer and David Harbour, adding to its ambitious attempt to bring the series back to life.

The future of the Alone in the Dark franchise remains uncertain. It may be sold off or shelved until another revival attempt. The closure of Pieces Interactive means many of its employees will now be seeking new opportunities.

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