Aliens: Colonial Marines may feature a female playable character after all

Brian Burleson, a producer on the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines, upset quite a few people when he stated during an interview that “there will be no playable females” in the upcoming title.  This, of course, is a little disheartening not only because as a woman, I like to have my gender represented in gaming as a little more than just T&A but because it’s Aliens.  The series already prominently features women.  Why would they be excluded now from being a playable character?

Heather Anne Campbell, a tad perturbed about this, took to Twitter to get some answers.  To field her questions, Mike Neumann, a writer for Aliens: CM.

The conversation goes on for a bit between the two of them.  Neumann responds, saying that he that he understands that women are important to the Aliens franchise and that having strong female characters in the story is important.  He laments the fact that he can’t get into specifics and stops just short of saying that they actually have a female in the roster of playable characters.

However, he can speak from a story perspective and tweets:

Speaking from a story perspective, the heart of the story in the game is a character named Bella.  A female, and the best I’ve ever written.

That would sound almost certain, wouldn’t it?  However jaded types might conclude that just because a female happens to be at the heart of the story, that doesn’t mean that the game will feature female playable characters.



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