Alan Wake PC Patch will fix SLI and 3D Vision problems

The latest patch for the PC version of Alan Wake will not only be the third update the game has received since release, but will fix problems occurring with SLI support and Nvidia’s 3D vision.

According to a recent forum post, Remedy explains that they’ve managed to fix stars, sky, sun, moon, shadow issues, volumetric lights, light streaks (flares) and spotlights among other things. With the fixes, this means that Alan Wake for the PC should run better than ever, and with the addition of a working 3D capability.

The patch has been slightly delayed due to the team behind the game wanting to work on implementing proper SLI, or “Scalable Link Interface” support. The biggest issue behind the SLI, according to’s article, was its autoexposure, and Remedy has been working to fix that.

So in the end, Nvidia users will have to wait a little longer to play with 3D. An update will NOT be available this weekend on Steam, but fans are to expect a beta version to arrive sometime this weekend.

Keep those flashlights handy.


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