Alan Wake DLC #3 Announced

A majority of people felt like they weren’t exactly satisfied with the ending of Alan Wake, due to the massive cliff hanger and questions left unanswered. To ease the tension among gamers itching to know more, Remedy is answering with not 2 as previously thought but 3 new episodes to be offered throughout the year. We already have names for 2 out of the 3 episodes and a solid date for the initial episode to hit July 27. Time to add one more to the list, though we know nothing else on it rather than it’s coming by year’s end.

Speaking with the Managing Director of Remedy Matias Myllyrinne , MTV Multiplayer was able to get some valuable information out on the first piece of DLC: The Signal. As we all know this will be free to those who purchase or have purchased the game new. Crop signs aside and alien conspiracy’s out the window , The Signal seems like it may be akin to the final episode of the main game with Wake stuck in a nightmare world complete with words hovering over him.

The info from MTV Multiplayer is as follows: (spoilers for those who havent beaten the game)

– The Signal will take place following the events of the main game.

– It will see Alan in the nightmare world he is left in when last seen before the credits roll.

– And the setting may no longer be Bright Falls. With realistic looking environments while having something “off about them”.

Here’s a quote from the man himself about what we can expect in the Signal:

“We have a nifty way of moving [the story] forward and materializing that into gameplay and storytelling without going into a mode of weirdness. For a thriller to work you need it to be grounded in reality. Otherwise all bets are off because the rules don’t really apply. So we wanted to have it kind of grounded in reality but also to take a more twisted take, because this is an extreme place and position he finds himself in.”


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