Alan Wake 2 Release Date Pushed To October 27th

Alan Wake 2

Remedy Entertainment said on Twitter today that they are moving the release date for their upcoming game, Alan Wake 2, from October 17th to October 27th, 2023.

As most of us have probably already noticed, October is already incredibly packed with big game releases. Some would argue it’s actually too much to be able to keep up. Many are currently busy with gaming behemoth Baldur’s Gate 3, while Starfield is just around the corner, among other great gaming titles, both horror and other genres.

Remedy has felt the same and drawn the consequences, stating that “October is an amazing month for game launches and we hope this date shift gives more space for everyone to enjoy their favorite games.”

Given that Alone in the Dark only releases two days before  Alan Wake 2, we’re not sure how much of a difference it’s really going to make. It will certainly be a great Halloween for horror gaming.

Alan Wake 2 will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and as an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC on October 27th.

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